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Programming is the art of writing instruction which the computer reads, understands and executes. Instructions written for computers are called programs and they are done using a computer language. Our programming courses cover learning in Java, Python, Kotlin, Javascript, C++, and the theories of techniques and processes involved in writing computer programs

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Networking is the connection of two or more computers for the purpose of sharing. A lot of things can be shared in a network - data, files, resources, hardware, etc. The mere notion of sharing introduces a security threat to computer usage. Our networking and security courses cover training from CCNA, CCNP, Network+, CompTIA A+, Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking, etc.

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The World Wide Web shortly called "Web" is a collection of resources that can be accessed using standard protocols such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTPP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The web runs on the Internet to provide services to its users. Our Web Technologies course covers training on web designing, web development, web frameworks, digital marketing, hosting and administration, etc.

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The design and multimedia industry is an industry that thrives on appealing to both the aesthetics and technical aspects of computing. Production works involving photos, videos and sounds in still and animated form are all covered by graphics and multimedia. Our Design and Multimedia courses includes training on UI/UX design, photography, videography, video editing, animation, cinematography etc.

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Data Science is the latest trend in software developmeny and business operations. Data is playing a major role in determining whatever do and how we do. Fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence are gaining deeper insight and usage

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