... introducing kids to coding at an early stage

With everything in the world
going digital, it's time to give
your child an EarlyStart

About the Program

Early Start is designed to help kids begin learning and mastering computer programming from an early stage.
Starting from Kindergarten, kids can begin learning and understaning how to write computer programs, by creating games, and logic-driven applications

Structure of the programme

The programme is structured to fit in non-obstructively into the normal school curriculum

Kids get a weekly coding period embedded into their study timetable. Whenever the time assigned to a class reaches, they come to the lab room where they are given practical handson training on coding, robotics etc.

Pupils can be given a termly assessment or evaluation which may form part of their continuous assessment or might be computed separately as a special programme assessment.

The training is open for kids from Kindergarten or Nursery school to Senior Secondary School 3 (SS3)

Courses Available

  1. Scratch Programming
  2. Scripting
  3. Robotics
  4. Machine Learning


The training is fairly priced and flexible starting at three thousand naira (N3,000) per student per term. On scheduled days, our EarlyStart instructor or instructors will arrive your school and facilitate the training sessions. Each training session comprises:
  • A brief theoretical introduction of the day’s topic
  • Practical coding session, instructor codes and shows kids what to do
  • Quick evaluation process to assess what they students did.