Digital Week

Digital week is our latest innovative social program aimed at celebrating the impact of IT education on individuals and the Aba and Abia State society at large. It is usually a week long chain of events where involving all sorts of tech and IT related activities.
The first ever Digital Week celebration was on December 2018. It comprised mainly of a one week of training where participants were trained on Web Development using WordPress and Graphics Design using Corel Draw. It was attended by about 12 persons and they all had something positive to say after the event.
On December 2019, the celebration was expanded and re-organized to what it is now. The event now features lot of other activities including a special kids day as shown below:

Day 1: Opening Ceremony & Tech Exhibitions

The first day of Digital week features talks and opening ceremony activities. Last year we had talks and expositions from renowned members of the Abia tech, business and political communities: such as
Chris Nkoro - Governorship Candidate of the YPP in 2019 elections
Psalms Kalu - CEO, Ashpot
Samuel Ufere - CTO, IGHub
John Agbai - Founder, AspireLabs
Celestine Okonkwo - Executive Member, IPMAN

For a detailed report of the 2019 Digital week, read There were talks on roles of government in improving technology awareness, Open Source participations, developer lifestyle and many other interesting topics. On this first day, partnering startups, freelancers and communities can exhibit their products, projects etc to the attending participants to create awareness and increase reach. Last year we had lots of exhibitions from the likes of AriariaOnline, Lucky9ja, etc.

Day 2 & 3: Workshops

The next two days of Digital week - usually Tuesday and Wednesday is devoted to workshops and skill acquisition training. Last year, we had training on Facebook Boost Your Business Digital Skill, IoT Engineering, Python programming, Graphics design etc.

Day 4: Kids Day

We believe that kids hold the future of any society and we found a way to incorporate kids into the activities on Digital Week celebration. On the kids day, we begin with training and end with games and fun. We get kids to come in contact with technology and become exposed to what they can do with technology at that early stage.

Day 5: Party!

What is a festival or celebration without a party. The last day is for fun, adult games, food and drinks. This is when peopl also get to network, socialize and make connections and plans for the coming year.


Digital week is only made possible by the efforts and commitments of partners. As a social programme, we use this avenue to give back to the community and encourage tech participation in Aba and Abia State. We call on all and sundry - governent, local and foreign businesses, interest groups, community leaders, startups and individuals to work with us on the digital week project as we hope to take Aba and Abia State to the top of the global tech space. To become a partner to Digital Week 2024, kindly fill the form Become A Digital Week Sponsor and Partner