Meet the team

Psalms Kalu

Psalms Kalu

Psalms Kalu is the founder of Ashpot Microsystems Ltd, and has functioned as the company's CEO since its inception in 2012. Psalms is an acute business manager, and an amazing Software Engineer with expertise in the Java Language. He is also a full-stack LAMP web developer. He has a certification in Cisco Netwoking, Android Mobile Development and many other field.

He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company, but always finds time to train students and develop software. He is a real code addict, and has pioneered the development of so many software systems in the company


Christiana Kalu

Christiana is the Executive Vice President of the company, and principally assists in the management and decision-making process. She also oversees staff welfare, company image management and public relations. It is a very demanding job that require a lot of communication skills, inter-personal relations and psychomotive intelligence.

Christiana has a degree in Computer Science, and is .


Uba Joseph

Uba Joseph is VP, Learing and a principal instructor at the company. He creates, designes and develops our courses and is responsible for managing the entire learning processes in the company both online and offline.

He is also an excellent system developer with expertise in Python - Django Web Framework and other web frontend languages. He has a degree in computer Science and certifications in Cisco Networking

Okeakpu Hancock

Joshua Ole

Joshua Ole is VP, Products at the company. He is the man we call theb "Product Owner". He oversees the processes involved in the design, development and deployment of our stream of products.

He is enthusiastics about building stuff and driving change and impact through tech solutions. He has a degree in computer Science and certifications in several mobile platforms including Android and Dart

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Chidinma Okoye
Daniel Nwoke
Darlington Ehochi
Nicholas Anyanwu
Nmesoma Orjiakor

About the Company

Ashpot is a tech company registered in Nigeria since 2012, and based in Aba, Abia State. Our goal and driving objective is to continually offer suitable and reliable solutions for individual and business IT needs. We do this by offering training, products and services that are tailored as solutions to such needs.

Our services include:

  1. Professional IT training on Java, Android, Web Ddevelopment, Digital Marketing, Oracle, etc. ( See a full list of our training programs).
  2. Application development - whether it is a web app, desktop app or mobile app that you need, we posses the expertise and experience to develop and deploy at any scale of implementation.
  3. Web Hosting Services - We offer shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting to help you power your stratup immediately and put your business on the web.

We deliver! Our vision is underscored by this two word slogan. We deliver on every promise made to our customers and clients. This promise has been the bedrock of our commitment to excellent service on all levels - in our training, products and services. We believe that every job we do bears our name, and that is why we work hard to deliver.