On-Demand Training - Who this service is for:

On-Demand Training is created to service those peculiar times and circumstances when our regular training programme will not serve the need of the student. As a studnet, we recognize that sometimes your training needs are outside the scope and frames of our regular training programmes. Sometimes you want something tailored to your exact needs and time frame. Let's say you have that job interview in three weeks time and you are required to have a knowledge of Android Development or Web Development or any other skill? You check our training duration for those courses, and they are at least two months. What do you do? Do you give up? The answer is no. Ashpot has got you covered. You can request a special on-demand training within the time frame you have and be trained. Arrive that interview in three weeks and mesmerize the interviewers with your new skill

All on-demand training involving one person must take place at our training center. Any group of not less than ten persons can request an on-demand training outside our training center. This last category can include:
  • Churches or other organizations requesting training for their members.
  • Schools requesting training for their students.
  • Companies requesting training for their staffs.
Pricing for on-demand traning is negotiable and based on duration, course, location and other logistics. To request on-demand training, send an email to ondemand@ashpotmicrosystems.com