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Ashpot Cohorts 1.0

The Cohorts programme is a FREE full internship training programme on latest and in-demand tech skills. This programme is aimed at training, equipping, mentoring and grooming the next generation of tech talents from the Abia State tech ecosystem.

During the period, participants will be trained on:

  • Full stack web development using HTML, CSS, Javascript (Frontend) and Python, Django and MySQL/PostgreSQL (backend)
  • Mobile App Development using Java and Kotlin
  • Machine Learning

During the period, participants will also be exposed to software engineering masterclasses, entrepreneurship mentoring and job placement opportunities especially for the best performing students.


The programme will last for three months - starting from January 25th - April 25th 2020. Training is daily (Monday - Friday) starting from 10:00am each day

Who can apply

Prrogramme is open to anyone (male or female) from the ages of 13 who wants to go to into tech or have a grounded knowledge of the tech skills offered in the internship programme.

Applicants must also know that the programme is not online, and so they must be resident in Aba or be willing to reside in Aba for the duration of the training.

Applicants must be sure that their personal schedule will allow them to participate fully in the programme.

How to apply

Fill the online form and submit your application. If your application is approved, you will be invited for a selection interview. The interview is the last selection process. You do not need to have any previous of programming to apply but you must have passion to go into tech and possess basic knowledge of operating a computer such as how to start a computer, how to create simple document, save, copy, paste..just all the basics.

All communications during the application process will be through email. So applicants are advised to ensure they sign up with an active email address, and might need to add ( to their address book to avoid missing any mails from the selection team.


Any further enquiries concerning this programme should be forwarded to

To apply for this programme fill the form at . Application closes Friday 10th January 2020