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Web Technologies

The World Wide Web shortly called "Web" is a collection of resources that can be accessed using standard protocols such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTPP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The web runs on the Internet to provide services to its users. Our Web Technologies course covers training on web designing, web development, web frameworks, digital marketing, hosting and administration, etc.

Digital Marketing
Objective: to learn and understand how to market goods and services digitally using digital platforms like search engines, social media, email and websites Prerequisite knowledge: none
Duration: 4 Weeks. Training fee: N30,000.00

Web Frontend Developer
Objective: to learn how to design and create website user interfaces and experience (UI/UX) with HTML, CSS, Javascript and React Framework Prerequisite knowledge: none
Duration: 12 Weeks. Training fee: N60,000.00

Full Stack Web Developer Course
Objective: to learn how to develop a fullstack web application comprising of both frontend and backend development Prerequisite knowledge: none
Duration: 16 Weeks. Training fee: N85,000.00

Web Backend Developer (Django)
Objective: to learn how to develop web backend application using Python and the Django Framework Prerequisite knowledge: HTML, CSS, Python, principles of programming
Duration: 10 Weeks. Training fee: N75,000.00

Web Development Backend (Django)
Learn backend web development with Python web framework - Django. Covers the basics of Django web development from beginner to advanced. You will be able to build enterprise applications with Django Prerequisite knowledge:HTML, CSS, Python, Git, Programming basics
Duration: 12 Weeks. Training fee: N75,000.00

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