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Programming is the art of writing instruction which the computer reads, understands and executes. Instructions written for computers are called programs and they are done using a computer language. Our programming courses cover learning in Java, Python, Kotlin, Javascript, C++, and the theories of techniques and processes involved in writing computer programs

Basic Programming with Python
Objectives: to learn and understand the basics, structures and syntax of the Python language and how to write programs using the Python language. Prerequisite knowledge: none
Duration: 4 Weeks. Training fee: N60,000.00

Cross-platform Mobile Application Development (Android, IOS)
This 16-week mobile app development training course focuses on building cross-platform mobile applications using Flutter and the Dart programming language. that runs on both Android and IOS devices
Duration: 16 Weeks. Training fee: N160,000.00

Python Programming
This Python programming training course is designed for beginners with little to no programming experience. It aims to provide a solid foundation in Python programming, and enable participants build software applications wi
Duration: 12 Weeks. Training fee: N110,000.00

Flutter Mobile App Development
Objective: to learn how to build full stack cross-platform mobile applications that run on Android and iPhone platform using Fluter/Dart Prerequisite knowledge: None
Duration: 16 Weeks. Training fee: N180,000.00

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