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Data Science

Data Science is the latest trend in software developmeny and business operations. Data is playing a major role in determining whatever do and how we do. Fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence are gaining deeper insight and usage

Data Science Fundamentals
Objective: to learn the basic fundamentals of terms, techniques and processes involved in data science Pre-requisite knowledge: none
Duration: 6 Weeks. Training fee: N55,000.00

Data Analysis
Objective: to learn how to analyze data for inference and decision making Pre-requisite knowledge: none
Duration: 8 Weeks. Training fee: N80,000.00

Machine Learning
Objective: to learn the full outline on the machine learning course using Python. This course covers all amchine learning algorithms and deep learning using Keras and Tensorflow Pre-requisite knowledge: none
Duration: 15 Weeks. Training fee: N120,000.00

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