PyCon Nigeria 2020

PyCon Nigeria 2020

This year we are partnering with Python Nigeria for PyCon Nigeria 2020. Our hub will be serving as one of the viewing centers. Are you in Aba or it's environs and would like to have an experience of connecting and participating in the virtual conference, join us on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December 2020

Venue: 11 Nicholas Street off brass junction Umungasi Aba
Time: 10:00am
There will be light refreshments, swags, and gift items for all participants each day

Python Nigeria says:

"For two days in December (8th & 9th), Python Nigeria will be hosting its fourth annual conference, PyCon NG 2020. Of course, this year's conference is 100% virtual but it certainly will not make it any less exciting and enriching for our community. The conference theme for this year: Bridging the Sustainability Development Gap: Developing Sustainable Solutions in a Post Covid-19 Era! For this, we've pulled together a host of speakers and sponsors who will bring to the conference a wealth of trending ideas that will enable our attendees to connect with the industry and also celebrate the exceptional talent that emerged from our python ecosystem.

This year's conference will also shine a torchlight on creating greater awareness in the areas of diversity and inclusion, and in female empowerment through gender-focused python communities such as Women in Artificial Intelligence (WAI), PyLadies, and data science programs for young ladies. For the first time in PyCon Nigeria, we’ll be showcasing the versatility of python and its integration with vertical solutions such as Esri's ArcGIS.

The year's keynote will be delivered by the ebullient Lorena Mesa, the Chair, Python Software Foundation, the umbrella group of the global python community. Of course, Guido van Rossum, the creator of the python programming language will also chip in with a welcome address. We'll also have a series of speakers and technical presentations over the two days with a few surprises in stock for you!

The conference is free! So take advantage of some of the goodies we'll make available as the days progress. Don't forget to register for PyConNG 2020.

We look forward to seeing you!"

Venue: Virtual (Hopin Platform)
Date: 8th December, 2020 - 9th December, 2020

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