2021 So Far! The Journey at a Glance

2021 So Far! The Journey at a Glance

21st July 2021 8,039 views

The year 2020 was a shocker. But the effect was felt globally. Lots of businesses were affected by the pandemic that hit the whole world and brought about a total lockdown on our social and economic activities. Here in Ashpot, we were equally hit, perhaps very badly by the lockdown owing largely to the fact that we are majorly an ed-tech company, and since schools barely operated last year, we were adversely affected. But thanks to the unrelenting efforts of staff and management, we were able to pull through. We lost some prospects, but some of those disappointments also opened doors to other opportunities.

Another thing the last year accorded us was an opportunity to review some of our programs, training courses, company policies, and products and we did a thorough overhauling in a lot of areas; which has already begun to yield dividends. For instance, by this July 2021, the company has already made twice in gross income as it made in the entire 2019 which was our highest income year.

One of the foremost in our decision is the discontinuation of our annual summer training program - Traincamp. As of this year 2021, Traincamp will no longer hold. We are happy that this programme has been able to make an impact in the lives of students over the nine years we have run. Traincamp was our way of bringing IT training closer to our host community. And we are happy that we were able to achieve just that. In its place, we shall be holding an annual Kids Summer Tech Camp. This programme will expose kids between the ages of 7 - 14 to computer programming, IoT engineering, Virtual Reality Gaming, Chess, and other tech-related events and programs. The event will hold for two weeks in our hub and will bring together the best of kids and preparing them for a possible career in tech.

We have also released a beta version of our online learning platform AshpotLearn, and we are looking forward to the official launch anytime this year. Ashpotlearn will surely revolutionalize the way learning and IT education are undertaken in Nigeria and hopefully Africa as a whole. We have also been working on a couple of other projects that will likely hit the market by next year.

One amazing breakthrough of 2021 is that we have increased our level of partnership with institutions and organizations within and outside Nigeria and we have undertaken lots of contracts for companies outside the country. We have also consulted for many firms and startups and helped them to birth their projects.

It's been an eventful year for us so far, and the good news is that it is just getting started.

We are Ashpot!


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