The future starts now - Join TrainCamp 2018

The future starts now - Join TrainCamp 2018

19th June 2018 6,195 views

"Your future starts now!"

That statement was one of the statements that jump-started my IT career. It is easy to keep thinking of the future as some distant time that has little or no relation with what is happening to you now. But the truth is if you look very well at your today, you can accurately predict the future. You may be able to predict the details, but you will have a general overview of what it might look like. The decisions you are taking. The choices you are making. The habits you are forming. The things you are learning. Even the things you are not learning... all are combining together in one cataclysmic chemical reaction to birth your future. The truth of this fact implies that you can actually create the future you seek by making the right choices today and learning the right things. I always knew I was going to be a major player in the IT industry from the first day I entered school to study Computer Science. It wasn't some accident. I prepared for it. Gave up certain things for it. Studied for it, etcetera etcetera.. Nobody succeeds by accident! Success is a culmination of the choices you have made, including the ones you didn't make. This consciousness guided every decison I ever made. It helped me to know where to invest. Workshops to attend, books to read... even though at that time there weren't much workshops and training events designed to help students.

Fast forward to 2018, we have created amazing events that can help anybody who wishes kickstart and enjoy a fulfilling IT career. Do you have a dream of becoming a web developer, or a Java Programmer? Do you want to become an expert design mobile apps that run on Android phones? Are you interested in movie production, cinematography and video editing? I want to invite you to register for out #traincamp2018. We shall be teaching these courses for the period of 3 months starting form 31st July - 19th October, 2018. Click here: to register or to learn more about the program. You can also watch this short YouTube preview as I talk about what to expect in this year's TrainCamp: .

I personally look forward to seeing you in this year's TrainCamp, as I and my team of skilled instructors help you build a reputable IT career.

God bless you!



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