6 reason why we want you to learn Android development

6 reason why we want you to learn Android development

3rd June 2016 6,556 views

We are in an era where Google’s Android operating system has penetrated the nook and corner of the world. So what does this mean for developers? Why should you blearn Android development and why have we dedicated this year's Java Summer Training to teaching Android development? Here are six sound reasons why we want you to make the switch to Android develpment:

Reason 1: Open source code – Make what you want

The best part about Android operating system is its feature of being open source. More than before, a lot of electronic manufactures like Samsung, HTC & Asus (to name a few!) have got access to the code which makes it easy for them to use it in their smartphones. But Android is open source which means you can understand the basic archotecture of the OS even as you develop, and know how best to tweak your programs to get the best result. This feature, of course, will appeal  ost to tech geeks

Reason 2: Google play store – The largest app market

Ever since Google rolled out its play store, the joy of experiencing app has only multiplied tenfold. There was a time when we all looked up to the iTunes store from Apple and sometimes getting an iphone was nearly impossible. But with the Google play store and Android smartphones access to apps has become so easy for all.

Let’s look at some numbers…

Reason 3: Booming Job Prospects

As Android provides an interesting revenue model, a lot of organizations have a dedicated team for application development with hiring catching pace. The unique advantage of learning app development is that learners can choose to work or freelance. Similarly, once that person masters developing apps through Android it becomes easy to develop apps for other operating systems!

Application developers account for over 50% of IT revenue in a given year, 2015

Reason 4: Revenue model

Did you know that the costliest app in Google play store is the Abu Moo collection app for $200! Weird but true. This app is especially made for rich people. More of that later, but the fact that Google allows developers to price their apps in the Google play store even at such higher prices makes it quite rewarding.

Imagine that you are creating an app for roughly $1 and you launch it in Google and there are over 1.5 million Android devices activated each day! How much can you make even if 1% of the total Android users downloaded your app? You do the math…

$1 X 1% X 1.5 Million = $15,000 !
Different Models of Payment:

App Download – Once the app is launched in the Google play store, the app developer can fix a price for the app and post download, Google will pay out after deducting play store charges.

Ad-Revenue – This model is quite common for free apps where Google will pay out to developers in exchange for placing ads in the app. A lot of developers have benefited from this model.

Reason 5: Penetration on different devices

Android is everywhere. Let’s face it. Recently, the Moto 360 got launched to compete with Apple Smartwatch and then there is the Google glass powered by the Android operating system. Staggeringly, the total number of Android devices sold is 1,175,450,000!

Some of the devices supported include Smart TVs,Smartphones,Tablets,Portable Media Players,Camera,VoIP Phones,Video game player, Car DVD Player,Car Systems,Smartwatchesand even Drones…

Reason 6: Gradual learning curve

There is a lot of inhibition among Android app developers over what they need to learn in order to develop Android apps. One has to agree that the person must be innovative, identify opportunities in the market and develop new ideas. But apart from that, here are some important skills:

Java – It’s important to know Java because the Android applications have Java coding in it.

XML – Secondly, XML is the second most important skill for Android app development since it enables you to work on the app layout and design.

This is why we shall be teaching you Java/XML alongside Android coding in this year's Java Summer training. If you are yet to register, please click Register for Java Summer Training to get more information about this year's training and register now. Training starts from 6th to 30th June, 2016. See you there!


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