Introducing Schoolzy for digitalizing school management

Introducing Schoolzy for digitalizing school management

8th June 2020 7,160 views

Running a school can be stressful, time-consuming, strenuous and often prone to mistakes, let's make it easy for you.

Our premium school management system for nursery, primary and secondary schools, Schoolzy now offers full support for online learning including sharing of lesson materials, creation and management of course curriculum and lesson notes, video sharing and live streaming of lessons and complete computer-based testing (CBT) and marking. Plus your students can enjoy this using just a mobile phone.

We are fully aware that the global pandemic is going to reshape learning in Africa and we want to assist you and your school to not fall behind. Schoolzy is well-built, secured and cloud-based giving you reliable uptime and accessibility. Our team has worked relentlessly to make this a viable solution for you and your school even after this pandemic.

Schoolzy uses the latest technological features to simplify the whole process of running your school by computerising all operations in the school

Schoozy can be installed over a wide network and has no limit of users at any particular time. It sits on a large database and can accommodate your secondary school's administrative, personal and academic data for decades.

Schoolzy is designed to free up more time for teaching, increase interaction in the classroom and help raise the quality of education in Nigeria.

Schoolzy can easily connect with the parent with the information already available on your database. Students show the most improvement as their parents become more involved in their education.
Keep parents updated with attendance, behavior, continuous assessment and assignments. Ease school fee payments and set reminders on fees, school activities to encourage collaboration.

Schoolzy is built and developed to function even in areas with low Internet connectivity with ingenious and cloud-based technology; making it the best choice for school management.

To learn more about Schoolzy and request a demo, visit or call 08063409307


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