Tech Talk 2.0 - the Official Review

Tech Talk 2.0 - the Official Review

15th March 2022 7,716 views


TechTalk 2.0 was a three-hour event held on 13th March 2020 at our office space in Aba to discuss the trends and future of technology in the world today and how they may be impacting our lives. Technology is becoming more and more important as we move forward, and it is changing our lives in ways that were unimaginable before. Trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are enabling us to monitor and control our environment like never before. Machine learning is enabling computers to make decisions like humans and sometimes better than humans, and so on. Hence this year’s talks and discussion focused on the evolving trends of Artificial Intelligence and how they impact our society.

Structure of the Event

The event started with an introduction from Ashpot CEO, Psalm Kalu who welcomed the attendees comprising students, developers, business executives, and AI enthusiasts. He introduced that the discussions of Techtalk 2.0 will be centered on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things with emphasis to education

He also pointed out that the activities of the day included: two workshops sections, three talks, and two-panel sessions


The workshop was the practical session of the event which consisted of two sections that were held simultaneously.

Digital Content Development by Ehochi Darlington

Darlington Ehochi was able to enlighten the audience on how to leverage on technology based on the Internet and Safe Online for Students. He also gave them a directive on how to curate useful information from the internet that will be of benefit to their learning process as students.

Introduction to Data Science by Celestine Okonkwo

Celestine Okonkwo gave a simplified view of what it takes to begin a career in Data Science - what to learn, how to learn it and how to get the practical experience necessary to grow from beginner to expert level. The section included a beginners’ tutorial on the Python programming language

The Panel

The panel session is what makes Techtalk an exceptional event as it provides opportunity for participants to listen from experts and learn from their wealth of experience as they discuss issues bothering on the topic. Panel sessions often climax into audience particpations and Q&A session

This year, there were two-panel sessions, which are:

  1. The Educational Panel - moderated by Chidinma Okoye

  2. The Main Event Discussion - mode

  3. This panel consisted of four students from two different schools:
    School I: Harvesters Academy - a private school
    School II: Umuode Community school - a public school

    Students in the secondary school were discussing Trending Technology in the Space today and how it Impacted their Educational Skills. It was a very informative panel session as each group of students discussed how the advancements are affecting them as either private or public education sector. One thing stands out that the public sector have not fully begun to incorporate technology in their curriculum, while most private schools are also reluctant to do so.

    The General Panel - The Moderator Psalms Kalu CEO of Ashpot

    The panel centered on the topic “Tech Tomorrow: The era of machine”. Among the panelists were:
    Oluwakemi Omotayo - Machine learning cohort, Ashpot.
    Precious Charles - Machine Learning cohort, Ashpot
    Obinna John - NACOSS SouthEast Coordinator

    Before the discussion commenced, the audience were shown a video clip released by Microsoft in which they showcased the latest advancement in their Mixed Reality AI program. It was an eye opener and a kickstarter as the discussions heated up afterwards.

    It was an interesting session that ended with audience participation, and Q&A session

    Link to Microsoft video shown to audience:

    The event ended with a photo session. There were over 60 attendees. Techtalk 2.0 was a successful and enlightening event.


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