The right tools produce the right results

The right tools produce the right results

5th January 2022 7,696 views

Over a three year period of working with schools to adopt information technology, we have come to identify what challenges school owners face when it comes to adopting educational technology (edtech) solutions.

One of the things we strive to achieve with Schoolzy is not just to introduce an edtech solution to schools and let them figure it out, but to enter into a partnership that aims at helping them have an all round improvement in the quality of education their students/pupils get; and an improvement also in how effective the delivery process is.

Schools who have adopted Schoolzy have testified about how fast it improved their throughput and at how easy and seamless it is to deploy the solution. Besides computation of results and making same available quickly for students and parents, we identified other key areas that information technology plays a huge role in improving the standard of a school.

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One of the areas is the area of book keeping. How much is earned? how much is spent? Who has been given receipts? Are finance officers reaping off the school? Are there ghost staff who are being paid? These leakages can cost a school almost 20% - 30% of their annual income. We built a solution that monitors, controls and administrates the book keeping process of a school and ensures accuracy and transparency.

What about accurate records of students? Most schools have no concrete idea of the exact number of students they have. They have no idea of how many persons came to school at a given day. To get such data will require asking each teacher to submit a number of how many students in their class, and so on! What a stress!

This 2022 we are begining by embarking on a sensitization campaign to help school administrators and owners know how best to adopt information technology into their school. We wish you all a great year, as we are here to make all your edtech dreams come true.


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