Data Science Training and Machine Learning Training in Aba

Data Science Training and Machine Learning Training in Aba

18th August 2020 11,329 views

Machine learning is generally defined as the process of giving computers the ability to solve problems without being explicitly programmed to do so. A few years back, computers could only do things if and only if they have been programmed to do so. Series of decision-making processes logically implemented by if  and multiple if-else statements enabled the computer to perform incredible calculations and perform amazing tasks. But as technology advanced and requirements increased, emerging fields and interest made it impossible to explicitly program a computer to cover every possible scenario.

Machine learning and at large Data Science has greatly improved the way computers perform tasks. It has also changed the way developers program computers to do tasks. It has given rise to the field of artificial intelligence and is expected to power the next generation of the Internet of things. A lot of concepts apparently are embedded in machine learning - statistics, mathematics, algorithms, programming, etc. And the more we learn to make computers smarter, the more grounds we break in technological discoveries and impact. Today, machine learning is becoming more common and accessible. This is why we are happy to pioneer machine learning training and data science training in Aba, Abia State Nigeria. But what exactly are data science and machine learning? What is it all about?

A Case in point

Let's take a case study. Say a programmer wanted to develop software that can stop underage children from accessing pornographic content on the internet. One way to do this would be by compiling a list of all the pornographic website addresses ever known on the web and storing them in a text file that could be read and used to carry out this decision. This will work perfectly fine, and in fact with very little resources. But the problem with this approach and solution is that the programmer will have to keep collecting new addresses each day and adding to his text file as more and more porn sites are put up, and this alone is an impossible action. Not to mention that at a point. the text file could become incredibly very huge and obstruct the read-write process. We know this because we have done it. This crude approach was was how we engineered our first major product as a company - the CyberSmart in 2012. But it was 2012 and not many people knew machine learning in Aba, or Nigeria as a whole.


CyberSmart was the software used for managing Cybercafe where people came to buy time slots and use the Internet connection to browse the web. It was a predominant business establishment in Aba and Nigeria at the time, and we also ran had a Cybercafe at the time which was where we used CyberSmart. Following its uniqueness and success, CyberSmart was commercialized for a while but its use faded with the business.

Machine Learning to the Rescue

Now back to our case study. The second and proper way to do this would be to build an Artificial Intelligent (AI) model that knows how to identify porn sites on its own without being told so. Sounds incredible, right. That because it is!  Of course, the process involved in building this type of model, training, and deploying it to carry out this intelligent function is what machine learning and data science are all about, and that is what we are teaching people to be able to do.






Aba as a metropolitan city is rising in tech awareness and we are proud as a company to be pioneering this change and development. The time has gone when Aba was just a trade city. Today, Aba is becoming a place to reckon with in the national tech ecosystems. With more than twenty different tech communities and reputable startups and companies, Aba is slowly but firmly stamping its footprint in the global technological space.

Last week we became the first tech company in Aba and arguably in Nigeria to launch a custom deep neural network AI customer service chatbot, Ashtrid. You can read every detail about the release of Ashtrid here: Releasing Ashtrid - Our New AI Customer Service Bot


What we offer

Following the company's adoption of Python and other Python-related frameworks and modules, we have pioneered the training of Aba and Abia State people in Python courses including Python programming, Django Web Framework, Machine Learning and Data Science. We have consistently sponsored the Python Abia and PyData Aba programs, and now we have introduced a new set of courses to help data science enthusiasts master Python, Django, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning here in Aba.

Our new set of machine learning courses are easy to follow and affordable. You can reach out to us on 08063409307 to find out more about this training. It is our belief that with the work we have commenced, Aba will soon become a center for AI talents in the nearest future


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