5 reasons why we want you to learn networking

5 reasons why we want you to learn networking

3rd October 2016 39,160 views

If you are like me, you probably started a career in Computer Science or ICT without actually knowing the area of specialization to choose. Later on, you realized there are so many fields and areas of specialization such as web design, programming, software development, graphics, system analysis, database administration, networking; the list goes on. And if you had a natural knack for mathematics, it wouldn’t have been difficult for to realize the seamless flow of logic and mathematical formulae application that constitute programming; and suddenly it you have had your eureka moment. You have found something you can actually do and enjoy and get paid for it too. Effortlessly, usually to the surprise of your peers, you start to grasp the various concepts that improve your skill and logic implementation as a programmer. You become quickly acquainted with programming jargons and concepts like selection, iteration, abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, reflection, etc; and can implement them  in  any programming language you want.  Life seems all cozy and easy. Even the sleepless nights spent writing and correcting codes adds to the fun. Eventually when people talk about networking or other areas of networking, you are like “dorr! I have my programming. Don’t need those!”. Well, if you ever felt that way about networking and other hardware related courses, then you are just like me. But a few years and some Cisco certifications later, I have come to realize how terribly wrong I was.  This is why I have written this article to help you avoid the mistakes I made before it is too late and tell you five (5) reasons why you should learn networking even as a programmer.


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