Why You Should Follow Your Passion

Why You Should Follow Your Passion

25th June 2018 9,535 views

We all have something we are passionate about. Whether it sports, or technology or arts or science. As a person, there is always that something you know that you can do very well and enjoy doing it even if nobody pays you for it. There is that one thing you are unhappy when people don't do it very well; and you secretly or even openly admire and respect those who do it very well. You have that thing you will love to spend the rest of your life doing, and just be happy. That is what we call your passion. In this post, I want to encourage you to pursue those passions of your. They certainly hold the key to unlocking your true potentials. If you have always had the dream of becoming a web developer, mobile app developer, ethical hacker, movie producer, actor, musician... whatever it is. It is time to stop stopping yourself and make a bold go for it. Here are some reasons why you should.


#1 — Life is too short

Life is short. It’s fragile and its delicate. It’s here one moment, then gone the next. It’s never okay to just settle because we aren’t here for a long time. As humans, we have a shelf-life. And although our energy will live and carry on, we are only physically here for a brief period.


#2 — It gives you a sense of purpose

Following your passion in life gives you a sense of purpose to exist in this world. It also helps to instill something bigger and greater than just yourself. As long as what you’re pursuing moves beyond just the selfish reasons and really attempts to contribute value to the world, it will help you fulfill something far greater than you could ever imagine.


#3 — You’ll be happier

When you follow your passion in life, you’re happier overall. You’re more sated with yourself and the decisions that you make, and not weighed down by the common stressors that come along with not doing what you love. Overall, you feel more uplifted and have a far greater piece of mind.


#4 — It won’t feel like work to you

Following your passion in life and doing what you love for a living won’t feel like work for you. You won’t open your eyes dreading another day at a life-sucking 9-to-5 job. You’ll wake up with energy and enthusiasm to start another day pursuing something that you really want to do rather than an endless array of things you’re dreading having to do.


#5 — You’ll add more value to the world

Anytime you’re doing what you love to do in life, you’ll also desire to add value. It’s because you’re so passionate about doing it that you’ll throw yourself into it entirely and end up delivering far more to others than is expected to you. That comes naturally whenever you pursue whatever it is that you love doing.


#6 — Your dreams will manifest into reality

When you follow your passion in life, slowly but surely, your dreams manifest into reality. When you’re doing what you love, you’re already realizing a dream, but it also helps you to not lose focus and drive over time when it’s a deeply passionate project.


#7 — You naturally become more persistent

It’s easy to give up when we’re pursuing goals that aren’t as meaningful to us. But when we’re working towards something that we’re passionate about, it’s a natural occurrence to be more persistent. We don’t wake up thinking about giving up; we wake up thinking about how we can push forward, and naturally develop persistence in the process.


#8 — It will help to build character

By following your passion in life, you’ll build up character. It takes true strength to go after what is you truly love to do in life. And, naturally, you’ll reach new understandings about life, love and the people that surround you, which will help to further foster and develop your character.


#9 — You’ll ignore the naysayers

It’s easy to allow negative people to get you down, especially when you’re pursuing your dreams. People will always try to chop you down and tell you how to think and to be realistic. Many of the most famous failures in life had to endure this very thing. But, when you love what you do, you’ll learn to ignore those naysayers and push past the negativity.


#10 — You will realize that the timing was never perfect in the past

When you begin to follow your passion, and work to overcome the hurdles that might arise because you’re pursuing your dreams, you’ll come to the realization that the timing was and never would have been perfect to ever do what you love. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to pursue what had been burning deep down inside of you for so long.


#11 — You’ll be filled with a childlike sense of joy

When we’re children, we envision following our passion in life by becoming a firefighter, an astronaut or a doctor. We think about ways we can help others or go adventures of discovery. As we grow older, we become more realistic. But as you follow your dreams, you’re filled with that childlike sense of joy you felt long ago.


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