You can't hide passion - Omaka Samuel Dike | Ashpot Student Story

You can't hide passion - Omaka Samuel Dike | Ashpot Student Story

9th March 2020 8,940 views

Today we wish to celebrate a true pacesetter and an unflinching agent of change in the person of Omaka Samuel Dike - a former intern at our great company. News of his various accomplishment and laudable feat during his one year national youth service at Kwara state hit the social media air space and went viral as the whole country applauded his remarkable effort in bringing about change to his host community. This feat has also earned him multiple national awards, coverage by several new giants like Vanguard, Legit, etc.. and endeared him to the hearts of many Nigerians.

The projects

Samuel pioneered the execution of five community projects within the spaceof five months all selflessly aimed at bettering the life of the indigenes that hosted him for one year. One of the project was providing a good source of drinking water for the community. Of a truth, Samuel's passion for change and progress is not an overnight story.

Samuel and Ashpot

He is a computer science graduate from the Alex Ekwueme University, Ikwo and in 2016 during his six month SIWES industrial attachment program, he made his way to our company where he was trained in both Java programming and Android mobile app debvelopment. During his internship period, he was the brain behind the creation of our first online training platform. As a matter of fact the name AshpotLearn was suggeted by him which they company welcomed andreadily adopted. Even though the project has undergone series of improvement and redesign to become what it is today, but it will always be on record that he initiated that project as his passionate way of always leaving any place better than he found it.

Thank you Samuel Omaka Dike for everything you do for the Ashpot Community. We wish you more success and greater impact. We love you

We are Ashpot


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