Happy Special Children's Day!

Happy Special Children's Day!

27th May 2020 7,020 views

Today, Children's day comes in a special way - without all the usual match pass, fun fare and partying as our children are all locked away safely in our homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also a blessing in disguise as we all get to spend family time with our children.

Children are special, kind and unconditionally loving.

On this special day, we also celebrate every child out there. You are the data scientists, machine learning engineers, coders, programmers, digital marketing gurus of tomorrow... The list is endless. You are the future of tech and we are rooting for you all.

We believe that children are our guarantee for continuity and posterity. You can become every dream you ever have!

And to our parents, guardians, school owners, teachers, tutors, governments, organizations and of course tech giants lets who work tirelessly to train the children, thank you for everything you do for the children, even as you continue to do more!

Happy children's day to every child out there! We love you, care for you, and appreciate you always. You are beautiful!


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