Ashpot breaks new ground with IT & Self-Development Seminar III

Ashpot breaks new ground with IT & Self-Development Seminar III

23rd November 2018 5,817 views

Earlier this year 2018, Ashpot kicked off a new revolution in their educational program by introducing a new seminar event captioned IT Development Seminar. The seminar event premiered for the first time in February 5th 2018 and witnessed a huge embrace by customers and target groups. This was a huge motivation at the kick off of the new year which led to so many other workshops like Bootstrap Training I & II, and formed a foundation upon which the company ventured an expansion of their annual training workshop Java Summer Training (renamed and rebranded as Traincamp), etc.

The first seminar featured a single talk session by Psalms Kalu on "Choosing the right career". It was focused on IT Careership, how students can make better career choice while studying IT in school. The success of this seminar made them take a second swing at it on May 28th by inviting three other speakers: Chioma Agwu Mba, Prince Bassey and Okeakpu Hancock speaking on "Social Media Strategies for Business growth", "Android Material Design: Principles and Practices" and "Guide to Becoming a Windows Developer" respectively. CEO, Psalms Kalu spoke on "Elearning" as he unravelled the plan of the reputable IT training company to branch into online-based training for students outside their locality.

Ashpot CEO, Psalms Kalu at the first ITDS held in February, 2018

Both sessions jointly recorded over a hundred persons in attendance. Down through the year, the effects of the seminar continued to resonate among their students, clients and customers. And just like a cliche, third time was truly the charm. The last edition of the seminar brought together IT students, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Aba, Umuahia, Owerri as they gathered to share thoughts how to leverage on IT to improve businesses and lives led by renowned speakers and IT entrepreneurs like Ajah Excel, founder World Scholarship Forum; Okwu Marcus, CTO Meocloud Technologies; Psalms Kalu, CEO Ashpot Microsystems.  Key points discussed included:

  1. IT Entrepreneurship: How to get started and how to survive as an IT Entrepreneur

  2. Entrepreneurship and business opportunities on the web

  3. How to generate an IT business idea and how to raise money to sponsor your idea

The 4-hour event left participants enlightened and challenged to press on towards IT entrepreneurship after learning from the experiences of these great speakers.

Photo shoot: Participants and resource persons at the second ITDS held in May, 2018

"I learnt a lot about IT.. about how one can make money using IT and how to improve my life using IT tools and platforms", said an excited participant, Okoronkwo Samuel Obinna as he exited the venue after the event.

A statement issued by the company a day after the event suggests that the event will be held once annually under the caption "Leverage", as it ended with the words "Watch out for Leverage 2019"



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