DigitalWeek Talk: Support the Growth of IT in NIgeria

DigitalWeek Talk: Support the Growth of IT in NIgeria

29th January 2019 6,545 views

I believe that the future of any nation's economy lies in technology. Unfortunately, the government here pays little attention to it. I cherish all the emphasis on agro-business, and agropreneurship, shoe making, farming and the rest of it; but we must never give a permanent solution to a temporary problem

Chinese students are on sponsored scholarships in the greatest universities of the world studying Internet of Things, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Programming, etc. Global economy is being digitalized every minute... I listen to political manifestos of politicians to here what plans they have for advancing technology, and I hear nothing... na da! It is always "I will provide food.. I will build good roads... I will pay minimum wage... I will clear backlog of unpaid salaries" and other blah blah blah... That these problems exist to be used as campaign points is a shame to our polity.

I search government empowerment schemes to see how they are empowering technology and IT, and all I see is technology just gets an honourable mention. I know a young man who studied computer science and graduated and then applied for a study loan made available by a renowned organisation he is affiliated with (name withheld) so that he can study and get an IT certification or a Nanodegree but they told him that they are only giving loans to people who want to learn welding or carpentry or fish farming. Reason being they don't think what he wants to learn will generate enough money to pay back the loan, and in their "infinite wisdom" they are so sure that welding and carpentry would! I saw the young man's dream dashed to the wall before my very eyes. It was pathetic!

This is a problem that requires everybody's attention. They say if you give a monkey a bunch of banana and a bundle of money, the monkey will go for the banana because it doesn't know that the money can buy him a lot of banana. Until we start preparing to export technology, we haven't started.

People are redesigning their cities so that driverless cars can run on it, and we are still pouring cement on bad roads that keke napep cannot even drive on. People are creating better ways to enhance learning and education through online learning, and free internet access, and we are busy owing teachers and keeping students for months at home as a result of industrial action. We are witnessing the kind of power and money wielded by tech giants like Facebook, Alphabet, Oracle, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, etc these companies are dominating Wall Street (the NYSE and NASDAQ)... As at today, Apple's stock is worth $157.98... How many indigenous tech firms are worth shit!

I have a dream! When the whole world will shift attention to this part of the world as a result of what we have been able to create and achieving by supporting the growth of technology.

This week is our #DigitalWeek at #Ashpot. We created digital week to celebrate the impact of I.T education on individuals and the society at large. Support the growth of IT in Nigeria!


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