Digital Week 2019 - Official Report

Digital Week 2019 - Official Report

26th January 2020 5,944 views

The first Digital Week was held in December 2018 and featured a one-week skill acquisition programme on Wordpress web development and Graphics Designing attended by 12 persons. It was a celebration for the impact of IT education in our host community and sorrrounding cities. We were full of joy to have done something to wipe up interest in It for some person, but little did we know that we have kicked off what will be a city-wide event bringing together tens and hundreds of brands, students, developers and even children to a week long celebration and IT awareness campaign.

We had opted to have Digital Week hold every so often but on better judgement, we decided that it was going to be an annual event possibly the last tech event of the year in the city of Aba, just as we wrapped up 2019 with the weeklong celebration featuring talks, workshops, seminars, games, awards, competition, etc.


Ashpot partnered with some brands in the city of Aba to make the events what it was. Our partners for Digital Week 2019 included:

Desire Blog at Ashpot Digital week 2019

Desire blog was the official media partners for the event, covering the event proceedings in their blog.

We Dey Brand at Ashpot Digital week 2019

We Dey brad were training partners, as they trained people on Graphics Design.

Zcexcon at Ashpot Digital week 2019

Zcexconn were another training partner that trained participants on IoT engineering

Ariaria Online at Ashpot Digital week 2019

Other popular brands like Lucky9ja, Ariaria Online, Mindas and Technewshub were represented and had opportunity to exhibit their products and educate the participants on the role they are playing.

Keynotes and tallks

Psalms Kalu speaking at Ashpot Digital week 2019

Joe Nkoro speaking at Ashpot Digital week 2019

The event featured keynotes by Joe Nkoro and Ashpot CEO, Psalms Kalu.

Ufere Samuel at Ashpot Digital week 2019

Celestine Okonkwo at Ashpot Digital week 2019

Samuel Ufere of IGHub gave a talk on Open Source, while Celestine Okonkwo boot started interested developers on the possibilities of the Python language.

Solomon Okoronkwo at Ashpot Digital week 2019

The event also featured a two-day Digital Skill training by Facebook anchored by Okoronkwo Solomon

Kids Fair

Kids World Chess Competition at Ashpot Digital week 2019

Kids Learning Python programming at Ashpot Digital week 2019

One of the distinct event of Digital Week 2019 was the one-day kids fair which featured:

  • Artificial Intelligence workshop for kids

  • Chess lesson

  • Kids World Chess competition


Fun time at Ashpot Digital week 2019

What's a celebration without food. We had lots to eat and drinl for the wek long celebration, and awards and prizes were given out to winners at various categories

What we expect for 2020!

2019 was a wonderful year for tech in the Abia State community. We are expecting higher impact this 2020. Digital Week 2020 will hold at a larger space. We are considering an open space with lots of gaming facilities. There will be more speakers and keynotes. Training workshops and tech carnival. We are already assembling a team to plan for the 2020 Digital Week. if you will like to volunteer for Digital Week 2020, fill this form:

Have a wonderful year! See you 14th - 18th December, 2020.


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