Onboarding Miraplus Highschool

Onboarding Miraplus Highschool

4th August 2022 6,734 views

We were at Ohafia to onboard Miraplus Montessori onto our #Schoolzy - automated school management platform The training sessions with the staff and admins were exceptional. This is the first school in the rural area to join our Schoolzy family.

Dear school owner, let's partner with you to achieve your goals. We help schools adopt information technology and become a fully functional digital organization. How long does it take you to prepare your results after your termly exams? What if we told you that we have a system that can make your results ready in 24 hours after exams.

Will this make your students and parents happy? Will this increase their trust and confidence in your brand?
How about managing staff and students records? Are you still storing "Office Flat Files" and buying new file cabinets in this 21st century? What of the monies being collected for the various fees in your school? Are your money being properly accounted for? Opening a school account and asking parent to pay into the school account does not guarantee that people will not steal from you. What will keep your money safe is proper book keeping and oversight!

Reach out let's talk. Call or Whatsapp 08063409307! School is a lucrative business. If you are not making it, you are probably doing it wrong.

Thank you https://miraplusmontessori.com.ng/


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