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Networking & Security

Networking is the connection of two or more computers for the purpose of sharing. A lot of things can be shared in a network - data, files, resources, hardware, etc. The mere notion of sharing introduces a security threat to computer usage. Our networking and security courses cover training from CCNA, CCNP, Network+, CompTIA A+, Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking, etc.

Network Fundamentals
Objective: to learn the basics of computer networking and how to set up different network types. Prerequisite knowledge: none
Duration: 4 Weeks. Training fee: N50,000.00

Cisco Networking Course I (CCNA Switching and Routing)
Objective: to learn the complete Cisco CCNA Syllabus for switching and routing Prerequisite knowledge: none
Duration: 20 Weeks. Training fee: N150,000.00

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