"The School system has failed everybody" - Psalms Kalu

"The School system has failed everybody" - Psalms Kalu

12th November 2018 6,521 views

Anybody who has ever gone through our tertiary education system will attest to the fact that it is a mockery of what a real education should be. Don't get me wrong. The courses are great! The lecturers are wonderful (some of the time), but the system itself... Oh boy. There is something terribly wrong with the system. The system was designed to produce well-trained disciplined minds who have mastered a particular field of study so that they could fit into a certain work force of the society and contribute their quota while being handsomely rewarded in salaries, benefits, gratuities, pension... but you and I both know those words don't mean anything anymore. The truth friends is that school no longer delivers on the good and quality lifestyle it promised. Today, we see graduate who can't feed themselves let alone think of getting married to feed a family. Graduates are going rent shops after five years of useless education. Some go back to learn one handwork or the other. And those who eventually do get the job are working for months and months without salaries. Please, don't get me started on pensions and gratuities.

It is time time for those who reason to observe that something is terribly wrong. Even the government have conceded that they do not hold the solution to this problem. It is time for everyone to wake up and save himself. It is now do it yourself or die! And we have the greatest tool that will help you get a quick start.., it is called Information Technology.

In this seminar, we will be teaching you FOR FREE... let me repeat FOR FREE:

- How to get started and succeed as an IT entrepreneur

- How to identify and maximize the business and entrepreneurial opportunities on the World Wide Web

- How to generate and IT business idea and how to raise money to sponsor your ideas

Now, you have everything on a platter of gold. The truth is we couldn't really put a price on what you will be learning this Saturday on out #ITDS, so we just decide to make it free for you. Now, If you miss this seminar, you have absolutely nobody to blame.


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