Conduct Entrance Examinations for New Intakes with Schoolzy new External CBT Feature

6th October 2020 1361 views

It's #BackToSchool. It seems like the pandemic and its effects are slowly getting behind us, and schools are resuming. We hope you have learnt a thing or two through this pandemic. One of the basic lessons we all have learnt is that the business of this century is no business if it is not digitalized. It's why we built Schoolzy - our premium school management portal for you. With Schoolzy, you can manage every aspect of your school and carry out every aspect of your operations from the comfort of your home and a computer or mobile phone. And we keep adding new features to make Schoolzy the best solution for managing and getting the best from your school digitally.

We have recently added the ability to create and conduct Entrance Examination for new intakes who are not yet admitted into your school through Schoolzy's new external CBT.

How to create a new Entrance Exam CB Test:

  1. Log into your schoolzy portal

  2. Create new CB Test and mark it as "External"

  3. Add Questions.

  4. Generate your test url link, and share this url with anybody that needs to take the test

You can restrict access to your new Entrance exams. All Details are provided inside the during setup! If you new to Schoolzy, and will like your school to benefit from this excellent school management software solution, to get started


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