Student Story | Ashpot changed my life - Precious Usoro

Student Story | Ashpot changed my life - Precious Usoro

15th August 2019 4,661 views

Floating a tech startup is not an easy thing to do especially if you have no background in tech and coding. But with a dogged determination and a zeal to keep learning even when it is so tough, evertything is eventually possible. That was the story of Precious Usoro, a graduate of Office Technology Management from Abia State Polytechnic and how she turned her career around.

We see Precious as someone completely committed to learning and improvement. She is always wanting to know more. How do I get better? How do I improve? What is the next step to take? etc.

She first heard of our company through an ad banner we placed in front of her school. The banner was an advertisement for our Computer Training and Certification Program (CTCP) which was basically a one month training and certification program on Basic computing and desktop publishing for people completely new to computers. She responded to the ad, but eventually ended up registering for a digital marketing course.

As she was concluding her digital marketing training, Traincamp 2019 came up and she quickly registered for the Web Development course and then began her turnaround story. For someone completely new, her learning pace was amazing and within the first two weeks she has shown remarkable improvement.

She was one of six students that did the Web Development training and she was one four students that eventually went on to build a business right from the class. It was a quick turn-around from wanting to get basic computing knowledge to building website. This was possible as a result of her determination and the effort of the wonderful tutors we have here at Ashpot who are able to understand a student's perspective and lead them on a self-discovery journey.

Precious says LadyPresh Fashion is first in what she hopes will be an amazing business chain. As she is waiting for a compulsory one year National Service, she is completely equipped with a digital marketing and web development certification. The one year service will provide her an opportunity to network and build her business and achieve her dreams, she says.

We have lots of people like this who have been to make a drastic career change and land strongly on their feet as a result of the training and mentorship we provide for our students. Would you like to join our community of students? Do you want to learn what it will take for your business to thrive in this tech driven economy? register for training


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