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CISCO networking bootcamp is organised to bring professional IT training to the grassroot and develop future IT leaders.

Current event

Cisco Networking Training Bootcamp
Venue: Ashpot Microsystems Ltd, 142 Market Road Aba
Date: 7th - 25th November, 2016
Fee: N5,000


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Ashpot Microsystems Limited [RC 1010578] is an Oracle-Java solution ICT corporation registered in Nigeria. We offer suitable and reliable solutions for individual and business ICT needs. Our services include: software development, website development and hosting, network installation and management, professional trainings on Java, Oracle, Cisco, Web Development, Ethical Hacking, .NET, and other relevant programs. Click here to see list of our training program .

We deliver! Our vision is underscored by this two word slogan. We deliver on every promise made to our customers, and we even offer 100% money back guarantee on all services. Others have been satisfied, you too can be. Choose Ashpot today!